BOE Votes To Continue 4-Day School Week

Students in the Haralson County School System will continue with a 4-day school week in the 2017-2018 school year. The school board approved a calendar for the next year on Tuesday.
Based on comments we have received and Facebook posts, parents overwhelmingly support the decision.
Parents say their students seem happier with Mondays off; they can make appointments for their students on Mondays and not miss school; and, they can take advantage of the three day weekends to take trips at anytime during the school year.
Haralson County Schools had begun the 4 day school week a few years back citing the plan as a way to save money.
Superintendent Jerry Bell said last week that since the district has activated a 4-day week calendar, the district has seen improvements in student data, the budget is better off, and student and teacher attendance has improved.
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