Father Charged After 1-Year Old Son Left In Running Car, Car Hits Tree

Police say a one-year old Carrollton boy left alone in his father's car is uninjured, after the infant apparently knocked the car into reverse and the car was stopped by the tree it collided.
According to the police report documented Friday morning, Carrollton Police Officer Stacy Williams responded to a call regarding a child being left inside a vehicle at the Carrollton branch of the Georgia Department of Labor, at around 10:45am.
The complainant told Officer Williams that he had observed a silver in color vehicle sitting inside the wood line of the DOL parking lot.
"The complainant said that initially the vehicle appeared to be empty but as he got closer to it, he saw that a small child got out of the vehicle and walked towards him," Williams told WLBB Radio Friday. "He stated that he picked up the little boy and then called 911 on his cell phone."
Officer Williams reports finding the witness standing in the parking lot with the small child in his arms. The child was wearing a one piece outfit and was sucking on a pacifier.
The boy appeared to be physically fine.
Williams states that the vehicle was left running and all the windows were down. He says the vehicle's gears were in reverse and the car had stopped against a tree. Nobody else was in the vehicle.
As Williams observed the vehicle, he says the child's father walked from the Department of Labor building and approached him.
"He identified himself as the father of the child and I asked why the kid was alone in the car," Williams said. "He stated that he left the boy in the vehicle while he went inside to file for unemployment insurance. He then said that he left the one year old boy with a telephone for use."
The father reportedly told Williams that he was inside the GDOL for about twenty minutes.
The 18-year old male was then placed under arrest for Reckless Conduct.
Police notified the child's mother and the boy was turned over to her.
DFACS was contacted and a referral was made with them.