Locals Buy Lunch For 500 Public Safety Officials

A longtime Carroll County resident and retired business owner, along with some friends, family and business partners are showing their appreciation for local law offiers by picking up the meal tab this week for close to 500 local public safety officials.

Harold Fulford and his wife Beverly, along with his brother Ray Fulford of Ra-Lin construction, Gene Fulford of West Ga Roofing, Brad Cole  of Brad Cole Construction, and Ben Garrett joined forces with O’Charley’s Restaurant in Carrollton to put together the plan.

Fulford said that the recent tragic events in Americus involving law officers, reminded him of the sacrifices made every day by those in public safety jobs.

“I just wanted to show our appreciation to the first responders in Carroll County… the fire department, the sheriff’s office, the police department. My wife and I thought we needed to step up and tell them thank you,” Fulford said Tuesday. “I called four or five family and friends in business and each one said what do we need to do and how much do you need to do it. Working with O’ Charleys we were able to put together 485 gift certificates and cards for employees of the county and city.”

Fulford chose this year to honor the staffs of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Carrollton Police Department, UWG Police, Carroll County Fire & Rescue and Carrollton Fire Department. He says he hopes to continue this or something similar every year.

Carroll  County Sheriff Terry Langley, Captain Jeff Richards , Chief Joel Richards, Chief Tom Mackel, Deputy Chief Bud Benefield, Chief Jimmy Bearden and Chairman Marty Smith accepted the gifts on Tuesday.

“Harold has always shown a deep appreciation for law enforcement, public safety and children’s programs,” Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jeff Richards said. “We would like to thank him and all of those who participated in showing their appreciation to us. With all the negative publicity nationwide about law enforcement— and public safety in general, its nice to know that there are people like the Fulfords, the Coles and the Garretts that come together and unite this community in support of law enforcement.”
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