HC & Bremen Schools Discussing "Teaming Up" For New CCA

Officials with the Haralson County School district and Bremen City Schools are discussing working together on plans for a new College & Career Academy.
Last month, Haralson County Supt. Jerry Bell told WLBB Radio that his district was in the 'very early stages' of trying to provide a new CCA for his students.
“The College & Career Academy would take things a step further than what we already do,” Bell said. “The Lt. Governors Office, since 2009, has offered grants of up to 3-million dollars, to build college and career academies in local communities. I feel like it’s a good idea to move in this direction to better prepare our students for the path that they will take after high school and to build upon what we are already doing; and, this helps with economic development for us to show businesses that we can train and provide the workers they need to locate to this area.”
On Friday, Bell told Seth Cain of WKNG King Country, that he would like the CCA project to be a joint effort for the Haralson County & Bremen districts.
“This program would benefit students who want to be engineers, physicists, doctors…whatever it is they want to do, we will offer opportunities for that,” he said.
Bell admits there have been questions regarding how the new project would be funded.
“We have a 5-year SPLOST that has already been voted in. Plus we already have a top of the line facility that has been remodeled within in the last three years, and we can take the 3-million-dollars granted us by the state government, and be able to add to what we already have,” he said. “It wouldn’t be an increase in taxes to our community. It wouldn’t go above and beyond anything that we would receive from the state government. We are in a prime situation to be able to do it with no additional cost to our tax-payers.”
Bell says the application for the $3M grant is due by September of next year. It would be awarded by December of 2017.
“We had our first meeting with industry and stakeholders about the project last week. Bremen school officials were in attendance,” he said. “We will build committees and get more community members involved. We want to see how we can tailor this project to best suit the needs of Haralson County.”
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