CHA Announces Application Process For Home Rehabilitation Program

The Carrollton Housing Authority (CHA) announces the application process for home rehabilitation projects. The CHA was recently awarded grant funding from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The $306,000 award was made through the 2016 Community HOME Investment Program (CHIP) competition which allows for the rehabilitation of low-income qualified, owner-occupied homes in the City of Carrollton.
CHIP funds will be used to provide housing rehabilitation for low-income, owner-occupied homes located in qualified census tracts within the corporate limits of the City of Carrollton.
Interested applicants should call 770-832-0230 on Saturday, September 10, 2016 beginning at 9:00am. Callers will need to provide full name, physical address and mailing address, and two contact numbers. The first fifty callers will be accepted to the CHIP waiting list. All property locations are subject to verification via the US Census Bureau tracking tool.
The CHA plans to conduct rehabilitation activities to a minimum of seven owner-occupied single family homes. Once selected, homeowners will be required to attend Budgeting and Home Repair Workshops during the renovation process. To access more information about the CHIP program and review qualification requirements, please visit www.carrolltonhousingauthority.com or contact Jodie Goodman, Social Services Manager, 770-834-2046 ex105 or jodie@carrolltonhousingauthority.com.