Historic Croft Street Wood Bridge Closed For Repairs

Carrollton city officials have closed the historic Croft Street wooden bridge in Carrollton. City Manager Tim Grizzard says the "well-used" structure could be out of service for a couple months.

"GDOT inspects all bridges periodically, even those not on state highways," Grizzard says. "They found a beam underneath that they consider suspicious. It's best to be safe than sorry and catch these things before they do become a real problem."

The bridge is an alternate route over several Carrollton roads when trains are passing through and blocking those streets. Grizzard says drivers seem to use the bridge more during rush hour, too.

"We have a structural engineer coming to see what the best fix is," Grizzard said. "A local contractor did some work on it years ago. We'll likely reach out to them for the repairs."

The bridge underwent a major $200,000 renovation in 2010 after the city of Carrollton agreed to take over maintenance of it in exchange for the deed to the old train depot from Norfolk and Southern Railway.
It also went through minor repairs this past January.
According to Carrollton history books, Croft Street and the Croft Street bridge, were named after Captain David William Croft, who was a conductor on the first train to enter Carrollton, around 1874. Croft paid $65 for the land and arranged for the railroad to build the bridge so his children could walk to church without fear of crossing the busy railroad tracks.

The current bridge was built around 1940.
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