Non-Profit Seeks County Approval To Build Substance Abuse Treatment Center/ School

A national non-profit company that provides a wide-spectrum of health and human services intends to open a residential substance abuse treatment and education facility for adolescent boys in Carroll County.
Steve C. Hornsby, senior vice-president of Westcare Foundation, says the plan is to build
the facility on land on Oak Grove Church Road in Carrollton. He says the center would initially serve twenty boys from Georgia.
“The population we are serving is boys, ages 14 – 17, that are identified as having a primary need for alcohol/substance abuse treatment. These are kids that are voluntarily coming to the program. They are not in state custody or ordered by court to be here,” Hornsby told WLBB Radio this week. “We are funded by the state department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual Disabilities and it’s an opportunity for these kids to get their lives back on track.”
Hornsby says the facility will have close to a million dollar payroll. Initial plans include hiring twenty-five employees: counselors, therapists, and service staff.
“The (Oak Grove Road) property is absolutely excellent (for this project). It’s 35 acres. The treatment center is located right in the middle of it. It’s buffered by woods all the way around it,” Hornsby explained. “It’s an opportunity to do the right thing, to do a good thing for people. If we are ever going to change and make things better in our society you have to start with kids.”
Kids attending the facility are expected to stay “all day long,” Hornsby said. They take part in activities as a group for life skills development, work on addiction recovery and attend school through a virtual program.
“Where ever Westcare goes, we believe very strongly in being part of that local community, having a positive presence there, reaching out to the local faith community… having volunteers involved with the kids,” Hornsby said.
Carroll County Commissioners will consider a conditional use permit/variance for this potential project, during their regular scheduled meeting Tuesday.
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