Study Claims Villa Rica Residents Among More Stressed In State

Villa Rica is one of Georgia’s more stressed out cities… according to a career tools website, anyway.
ZIPPIA put together a study that focused on commute times, unemployment rate, population density, hours worked, income spent on rent, and population without health insurance to measure stress levels.
They claim Villa Rica is the 21st most-stressed city in Georgia out of 127.

Detailed List Of Stressed Places In Georgia

City Rank Population People With High Rent People With Long Commute People Without Insurance
Villa Rica 21 14,266 57.9% 52.6% 18.9%
Carrollton 56 25,138 52.5% 23.5% 19.5%
Bremen 121 6,204 46.3% 21.5% 12.7%
The same study lists Carrollton at number 56.
Bremen is laid back, apparently; listed at number 121.
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