District-3 Congressional Candidates Claim More Than 1-Million Dollars In Receipts

Here’s what it costs to run a congressional campaign that requires a run-off election.
The Federal Election Commission showed District Three congressional candidates campaign receipts and disbursements this week. The latest information documents the two-month period between May 5th and July 6th.
Candidate Drew Ferguson reports receiving contributions of about $504,000 during that time. $264,000 is claimed to be from individuals and about $220,000 from political committees.
He reports collecting about $785,000 total this election cycle. The filing shows that Ferguson has spent close to $600,000 on the campaign.
Candidate Mike Crane has received $266,000 in contributions over the last two months. $203,000 came from individuals and $30,000 from political action committees.
He’s received about $420,000 in contributions this entire election period, and spent $255,000.

Ther winner of this race will be decided later this month. Then, still face a challenge from a Democratic candidate in November.
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