Crews Find Body Of Missing Swimmer- Official Release

Today Carroll County Fire Rescue recovered the body of a man who was first reported drowning in the Chattahoochee River around 8 p.m. Saturday June 25. A witness stated that Timothy Shane Phillips was attending a birthday party at McIntosh Park when he decided to swim across the river. After reaching the other side of the river witnesses stated that he was attempting to return to the McIntosh side of the river when he began to shout for help and was seen struggling in the current. A bystander said he then went under and was not seen again.


 Carroll County Fire Rescue along with personnel from Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Carroll County Emergency Management, Carroll County Parks, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Coweta County Fire Department, Douglas County Emergency Management, Georgia State Patrol, and Georgia Department of Natural Resources have been searching for the missing man since he was first reported going under the water on Saturday evening. The task of recovering the body has been a tedious task which involved the use of resources, equipment, and personnel from several agencies over the past several days. The body of the victim was discovered several thousand feet away from where he was last seen. Investigators identified the body recovered today as Timothy Shane Phillips and transported the body to the Georgia Crime Lab to determine cause of death.


Carroll County Fire Rescue would like to remind everyone of the dangers of swimming in water that has strong currents. The currents in this type of water are often stronger than you expect and can change very rapidly. In addition, rivers often have unseen hazards below the surface such as rocks and debris. Carroll County Fire Rescue recommends anytime you are in or near the river it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to wear an approved flotation device.


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