Man Doused With Kerosene Ends Standoff With Police

Bremen Police Chief Keith Pesnell says a Thursday morning standoff with a man threatening to harm himself "really could have gone either way." Fortunately the incident ended without injury.
Bremen Police and Fire departments arrived at a residence on Windemere Drive around 10:00 this morning after a woman called 911 to report that her boyfriend had doused the home and himself with kerosene and was threatening to set everything on fire.
"You could the smell the kerosene from the yard when we arrived," Pesnell said. "The home is located approximately 25 feet from the next door house."
Officers eventually talked the man out of the home without incident.
"The Bremen Fire Department was a great help this morning, being there in case the situation did take a turn for the worse," Pesnell said. "I'm proud of our officers who were patient and allowed the situation to play out... and were able to talk him out safely."
Pesnell says the standoff lasted approximately 60 minutes.
"We are very appreciative of Ambu-Care ambulance service who was standing by... and Haralson County 911 who maintained the line for us and kept an open line for us," Pesnell added. "It takes a joint effort for this to turn out as well as it did. It really could have gone either way." 

Pesnell says the man has a current warrant out of Haralson County. He faces several charges relating to this morning's incident.