Commissioner Pledges He Will Not Vote For Mill Increase To Make Up For $700k Shortfall

Haralson County’s District-Four Commissioner Sammy Robinson tells WLBB Radio Tuesday, “As far as I’m concerned, increasing the millage rate is off the table” as an option to make up for the $700,000 shortfall in the fiscal year 2017 budget presented by Chairman Allen Poole this month.
“It seems that every year we have a shortfall. Things happen that we don’t anticipate,” Robinson said. “There’s things that everyone wants that must be paid for. We work very hard to see that everyone is treated fairly but cuts need to be made.”
Commissioners are considering using the county’s fund balance to cover the deficit and are they encouraging department heads to make additional cuts.
“We are looking at all departments,” Robinson says. “We’re going to have to look at Fire. We’re going to have to look at Roads— and our Roads Department is in incredible need of every dime it can get. We have about two wheelbarrows, a shovel and rake. One of the wheelbarrows has a flat. That’s how bad we are. Fire? We have one fireman per station. That’s bad. So, we have problems. We’re going to look at Sanitation. It’s all on the table, but we have to find $700,000.
The deadline to approve the fiscal year 2017 budget is June 30th.
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