Only 1/3 Of Carrollton Residents Own Their Home; Close To Half Rent In Multi-Family Home

A new study to be presented to Carrollton City Council next month will show that the city has an unhealthy ratio between rental properties and owned properties; and, that results in more services are being used by city residents than are actually being paid for through property taxes, City Manager Tim Grizzard said this week.
“The report is not complete yet but we have a lot of numbers they have given to us and they are worse than we thought,” Grizzard told WLBB Radio. “The city of Carrollton is 64% rentals. So only 34% of the people own their home in Carrollton and 48% of residents are living in multi-family. That’s a really unhealthy balance.”
Grizzard says the study also compares Carrollton to like-sized cities and other cities with a college in-town.
“The study also analyzed whether or not those apartments pay their way (for the services they receive from city), and they clearly do not.” Grizzard said. “This has a big impact on the city but a bigger impact on city schools. Even student housing is a loss from the standpoint of services used versus services paid for. Also, if you look at the statistics on those developments, that’s where a lot of the city’s crime is concentrated. It’s just a big financial burden for us.”
A moratorium on building apartments in the city is scheduled to expire this summer but could well be extended by city council.
The results of that study will be publicly presented at the next meeting of mayor and council scheduled for Monday, June 6th.
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