Supt: Lowering Speed Limit Is First Step To Improving Driver Safety In Front Of HCHS

Haralson County Schools’ officials are anxious to see some changes made to the state-road outside Haralson County High School that will improve safety for drivers.
“The entry way to the high school is an unsafe place,” Haralson County Schools Superintendent Jerry Bell told WKNG King Country morning show host Seth Cain Friday. “We’ve had numerous wrecks there over the years. Four this year alone, I believe. The cars were severely damaged in all four and we have had some injuries.”
Bell says he has been working with the G-DOT to remedy the problem. Among the short-term solutions according to Bell, is lowering the speed limit in the area; and installing an “offset right.”
The GDOT has conducted a study there and unfortunately we do not qualify for stop signs or red lights,” Bell said. “But, I think the GDOT in the next week or so will be reducing the speed around the intersection— around the curve coming from Buchanan.”
“Another suggestion they have is what is called an offset-right,” Bell continued. “Because of the last nine accidents, seven of them have been with someone turning left from Buchanan into the high school, and someone coming from Tallapoosa towards the middle school and there was a collision.”
By installing an “offset right,” the current turning lane would be marked out— not used as a turning lane. To the right of that, a new turning lane would be created. This provides a better line of sight as cars turn into the high school.
Bell says GDOT plans to apply for federal funding to pay for a roundabout in front of the school. “But, that could take up to five years to get the funding,” he says. “Data shows that roundabouts are safer options to anything. Else they could do without severely impeding the flow of traffic.”
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