Mayor & Council Discuss Future Of City Manager

The room could get a little uncomfortable in the Holt-Bishop Justice Center in Villa Rica this evening, when the city’s Mayor and council discuss the annual performance and compensation review for City Manager David Milliron.
Mayor Jay Collins said Monday that he will ask that council not renew the city manager’s contract and begin a search for his replacement.
Council, on the other hand, has previously spoken well of Milliron’s work, and is not expected to back-up Collins.
“I think (Milliron) has implemented some change that we needed in some areas but I have not been satisfied with his overall job performance,” Collins told WLBB Radio.
It seems that Collins, who is a life-long Villa Rica resident, may not appreciate Milliron’s more deliberate and straight-forward managing style. Yet, Collins does not discuss a specific problem, just speaking in general.
“(Milliron) came to us from a more suburban city, Stcokbridge,” Collins said. “I feel that Villa Rica is still a small town. I think it is important that as we do grow, we have to take small steps in moving forward. His managerial philosophy is something that I don’t necessarily agree with. But, if city council chooses to renew the contract— which I probably feel they will, I stand committed to moving our city forward and represent my constituents.”
Milliron took over as Villa Rica’s City Manager/ Chief Administrative Officer in May of 2015.
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