Man Charged With Murder Seeks New Attorney

The attorney representing a man accused in the shooting death of a pregnant Carrollton woman last July has withdrawn from the case.
Carrollton-based attorney Jason Swindle said Thursday he can no longer represent Tyrail Arrenzo Wynn, as Arrenzo’s family is unable to the afford costs related to a defense attorney. Swindle stressed that his withdrawal has nothing to do with the evidence in the case.

"Unfortunately, I am having to withdraw from Tyrail's case," Swindle said via e-mail. "This case is heading for a trial.  As we have been investigating the case, we have determined that the trial will last a number of weeks and the preparation will take over a month.  Tyrail's family, like the vast majority of families, cannot afford the services of a private attorney in a case like this.  I want to be clear, my withdrawal has nothing to do with the evidence in the case.  Tyrail has entered a plea of not guilty to all charges, vigorously maintains that plea, and enjoys the presumption of innocence just like the rest of us."
Wynn has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and feticide stemming from his alleged role in the killing of Nakita LaShawn Holland.
Investigators said Holland was nine months pregnant when she was killed by a gunshot fired through her bedroom window.