Q & A With Heard County High School QB Emory Jones

Q&A With Heard County High School QB Emory Jones
April 1, 2016
By: Jimmy Beck (@theJBECK)

Heard County High School QB Emory Jones is already well known locally in West Georgia. Now over the last few weeks he has become the chatter of the football recruiting world. Emory has already received offers from Tennessee, UGA, Mississippi State, Colorado State, Georgia Southern, West Virginia, and Florida. The recruiting fun is only beginning for Emory as he is a member of the Class of 2018 and still has plenty of time before having to make a decision. In 2015 the Heard County Braves fell to Fitzgerald in the second round of the playoffs. The Heard County Braves are definitely a team to keep an eye on during the 2016 football season. Enjoy this Q&A below in which Emory gives us the very latest on his recruitment, his favorite Madden team, and much more!
  1. How is your recovery following your injury last season? The recovery is going well I'm coming back faster than I thought I would be.
  2. What have been your goals this off-season? My off-season goals are to just work and train on my craft and to be the best player and teammate I can be.
  3. How does the recruiting process work at Heard County and how have your coaches helped so far during the process? I've had some help but most of the schools are calling and getting in touch with Coach Barron.
  4. What has it been like to have the recruiting offers keep coming in? The process of getting these offers is exciting but I'm staying humble and still working extremely hard .
  5. Is there a particular school that has stood out to you early on in the recruiting process? Florida stood out to me on the visit today (Friday April 1st 2016) so they're gonna be in the running. Tennessee and UGA are standing out but I'm really wanting to take a visit to West Virginia.
  6. What has surprised you the most about the recruiting process so far? The most exciting thing is that when coaches come to watch me other players on my team have a chance to showcase their ability.
  7. You’re classified as a dual threat QB but you really are a gifted pro style QB. Does that label bother you or do you embrace it? The label doesn't bother me because I know that I'm a throw first guy and I run when needed.
  8. Is there an NFL QB current or past that you would compare yourself to? I would say I'm Cam Newton from the neck down and Tom Brady or Peyton manning from the neck up.
  9. Do you feel like there will be more pressure on you this upcoming season with the senior class that is going out? I don't feel any pressure I just know we're going have to put a lot of work in this summer to prepare us for a tougher region this year.
  10. Who is your go to team in Madden? My favorite team to play with in madden is the Patriots or the Panthers .
  11. What’s the atmosphere like at Staples stadium when you’re on the field? I love Friday nights in Heard county the atmosphere is amazing I can't wait for the season to start back. On the field it feels so amazing to play the game of football with the fans at Heard county.
  12. How is Coach Fendley in the weight room and how has that factored into your success? Coach Fendley has helped me and a lot of players develop to be a better athlete and a more explosive player so that plays a big part in our performance on the field
  13. How would you describe Coach Barron? Coach Barron is a great coach and an even better person. He helps out with everything and is always there for you .
  14. Heard County will play Central this year are you looking forward to that matchup given how successful Central has been recently? Yes I am looking forward to that game. Central has been a good team over the years but I feel like if we work hard and give it our all every game I'm not worried about any team.
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