Council Could Consider Mandatory Hands-Free Devices For All Drivers Using Phones

Carrollton’s Ward-1 city councilman Gerald Byrd says he is considering presenting a proposal that would require all drivers within city limits to use a hands-free device when talking on their cell phone.
Byrd says he has personally avoided being struck by drivers who were distracted by their cell-phones.
“…and they were not paying attention to the road. They were more involved in their personal phone call through their hand-held phone,” Byrd tells WLBB Radio. “I, myself am also guilty of driving while talking on the hand held phone. I do it everyday. But, it is something that I want to look into and see what council thinks. I’d like to hear from more of the public about the idea. S far, they seem to be in favor of it.”

There is no handheld cell phone prohibition for drivers under state law, although drivers younger than 18 – are prohibited from all cell phone use (handheld and hands-free) while driving. Under state law, all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving.