SOCV Group Placing Flags On 1,000 Confederate Soldier Graves

Members of the local Sons Of Confederate Veterans group are placing miniature confederate flags on the graves of more than 1,000 confederate soldiers in Carroll County this week.
Group member Don Levans says the effort is in recognition of April being confederate history month.
“We honor these confederate veterans who served, came back to Carroll County and later passed away here,” Levans said. “We honor them in the month of April by outing the flags up— any cemetery. You’ll find individual graves across Carroll County… in people’s back yards— of course, we’ll get permission from homeowners. We do this whether anyone will ever see the flag or not. And some of these graves are so far back in the woods that we may be the only ones to see them.”
Levans says Sons Of Confederate Veterans members will go back and remove each and every flag when the month is over.
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Location : Carroll County
People : Don Levans