Animal Control Reports Second Animal With Rabies Found In Carroll

Carroll County Animal Control again urging area residents to make sure their pets are up to date with their rabies shots after tests reveal that a second animal was carrying the viral disease.
Animal Control Manager Mike Jacquinot says a woman living on Old Lowell Mill Road was bitten and/or scratched by a fox this week. The fox was captured and taken to the lab in Decatur. Test results were confirmed today.
This is the second animal in Carroll County revealed to have rabies in less than two weeks. Last week Jacquinot told WLBB Radio that a man working at Superior Industries on Columbia Drive was attacked and bitten by a stray cat that was later learned to have rabies.
Jacquinot says the two incidents were so physically far away from each other that he doubts the disease originated from the same source, which suggests that residents should be extra cautious and report any erratic behavior they may witness from animals.
An infected dog may viciously attack any moving object, person, or animal; a caged rabid dog will chew the wire, break their teeth, and try to bite a hand moving in front of the cage. Rabid cats will attack suddenly, biting and scratching. Foxes will invade yards and attack dogs, cows, and porcupines.
Once rabies infection occurs, the virus grows in muscle tissue and may go undetected for several days or months. During this incubation (or latent) period, the animal appears healthy and shows no sign of infection
The most recent female victim will now be given a series of a preventive vaccine. This is generally given in 5 doses over 28 days.
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