Convoy Of Kayaks And Canoes Crowding The Hooch Today

Don’t be surprised to see a larger than normal convoy of kayakers and canoes on “The Hooch” in Carroll County today as day 6 of the 10th annual Paddle Georgia event expects to bring nearly 400 travelers paddling through Carroll’s segment of the river.


The tour will pass by several historic sites in Carroll County today and boaters will get a hands-on history lesson about southern Carroll County.

The Chattahoochee trip began on June 21 near Buford Dam in Gwinnett County and ends in Heard County tomorrow.

Paddle Georgia 2014 Itinerary on the Chattahoochee River
Day 1, June 21: Tailwaters Tango - Settles Bridge to Jones Bridge - 16 miles
Day 2, June 22: Backyard Boogie - Jones Bridge to Morgan Falls Dam - 15 miles
Day 3, June 23: Palisades Promenade - Morgan Falls Dam to Riverview Landing - 16 miles
Day 4, June 24: Atlanta Allemande - Riverview Landing to Campbellton Rd - 11 miles
Day 5, June 25: Dog River Trot - Campbellton Rd. to North Georgia Turf Farm - 17 miles
Day 6, June 26: Chattahoochee Bend Buck - North GA Turf Farm to Chattahoochee Bend SP - 20 miles
Day 7, June 27: Hilly Mill Hustle - Chattahoochee Bend SP to Franklin - 15 miles
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