Traffic Light Experiment An Attempt To Improve Pedestrian Safety

The City of Carrollton plans on testing an experimental configuration of the traffic signals on Adamson Square later this month. City officials say it’s an effort to make the downtown area as pedestrian friendly as possible.
“We had some citizens approach Mayor (Wayne) Garner with concerns about the safety of pedestrians on the square and we do want that Square to be as pedestrian safe as it can be,” Carrollton Assistant City Manager Tim Grizzard told WLBB Radio this week. “Those concerned citizens presented an idea for the configuration of the existing signals that is similar to the configuration used in cities with a much larger population—in fact they do this in Times Square (NYC). What they do—at one point all of the traffic lights turn red and there’s a certain period of time where any pedestrian can cross.”
So beginning the weekend of June 14th and 15th, these “experimental measures” on Adamson Square will stop all vehicle traffic for a period of just over twenty seconds to allow pedestrians at each corner to cross all roads safely at the same time.
“It is a little bit unorthodox for a town this small and a Square this small but we want to give this a shot,” Grizzard said. “Again, we want this city to be as pedestrian friendly as it can be.”
The city will be encouraging feedback for the new configuration through a link that will soon be available on our station’s website.
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