KING Country Listeners Support CASA With Impromtu Fundraiser

Tallapoosa, GA -- What started out as just another “normal” day on the KING Country AM 1060 morning show Wednesday, turned into a radio telethon of sorts resulting in approximately $800 being raised for the Carroll County Court Appointed Special Advocate program.
“Kim Hagen is one of our wonderful sponsors and he called the show and said for every call that you boys get today—that says they love the Bobby & Jimmy Show, I’m going to donate $2 to the charity of your choice,” KING Country morning show co-host Bobby Gaines explained to WLBB Radio Wednesday.
Hagen is CEO of Hagen Realty Group in Carrollton.

Well, the calls came in and Gaines says more than 100 listeners got on the air with their message.
“What is so cool about this is I’m sitting there thinking it’s just an average day. Then we have someone who is led to do something very, very special… and I give all the credit to Kim Hagen and to the listeners of the program—they’re the ones that made this happen. All I had to do was sit there and answer the phone,” Gaines said. “It was just a special day—one of those days that when you leave you say we all accomplished something great.”
Hagen donated $200 dollars. Then his wife donated another $100 dollars. Then Sheriff Eddie Mixon called in with another $100 donation. And several other callers pledged their own money to the CASA program
Bobby and Jimmy surprised CASA Director Amanda Camp on-air with the news.
“Goodness, we appreciate you all and please thank all of your listeners—you just made my day,” Camp responded.
Bobby says he chose CASA to be the recipient of yesterday’s donations because he is well aware of CASA’s efforts and its needs. He and his wife currently have two foster children and have been foster parents to numerous kids over the years.
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