Robotics Students In Haralson County Getting Worldwide Attention

The ten fifth grade students on the Haralson County Rebel Robotics team learned this weekend that their innovative design for protection during an avalanche finished among the top 10 projects entered in the First Lego League World Competition.
Not bad considering the competition had 547 entrants from 27 different countries.
The team was required to build and program an autonomous robot to complete a specific mission on a table designed for each year’s theme.  They are also required to design an innovative solution for the theme selected by First Lego League.  This year’s theme was Nature’s Fury. The teams had to choose a natural disaster and come up with an innovative solution to either help prepare, respond, or in recovery.
“The students decided there was a need for protection during an avalanche. So they came up with a back-pack that could hold a tent—that if you pulled a string, the tent would pop out,” Rebel Robotics Coach Debbie Huckabe told WLBB Radio Sunday. “The tent would hit the ground and automatically open itself. The students determined that aluminum would work best because it would not be heavy to carry and it could withstand rocks and ice.”
Huckeba teaches gifted classes for the elementary schools in the Haralson County School system and is in her second year as the Rebel Robotics coach.
She says the project also features a storm alert for skiers/ hikers; and a GPS device for rescuers.
Huckabe says the students will soon be interviewed by a group who will assist in the development of their project’s future.
We have turned the idea over to the U.S. Patent Commission,” she said. “They have drawn the 3-D drawing, will handle the temporary patent—and right now they are taking bids from companies for the kids’ project.”
The team of students has named their company ¨Pacurity 10¨ and they are now the 10 board members of that company. Huckabe will oversee the account until they graduate from high school. 
The Haralson County Rebel Robotics Team is made up of 10 Fifth Grade Gifted Students from West Haralson Elementary: Skylar Cheatwood, Bradee Bentley, Katherine Bridges, Abby Brown, Kyli Cauthen,Tucker Cole, Hayden Lanier, Marc Harris, Amon Hunt, Sam-Wes Puckett. 
They were chosen for their previous year’s efforts Huckabe’s gifted robotics class at West Haralson Elementary.  
This group met in the afternoons after school to prepare for the competitions which are set up by rules and regulations of the First Lego League.  This was the team’s first year to compete.
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Location : Haralson County