Local School Systems Will Not Exercise Gun-Law Option

At least two local school systems will not call for any school official (aside from the trained law enforcement officers) to have the ability and clearance to carry a weapon while on school campuses. School systems now have that option with Georgia’s new gun law signed by the governor this week, allowing for the authorization of certain employees to do so.

Haralson County schools Superintendent, Brett Stanton Thursday sent out a memo to faculty and staff members, stating that he will not make that recommendation to the school board.
"Faculty and Staff Members:
While local school boards are not required to adopt the new gun policy, they can authorize certain employees to carry weapons on school grounds. Those workers must undergo weapons training, and they must carry an approved type and quantity of weapons and ammunition. The law prohibits school boards from granting gun permission to anyone who might have mental or emotional instabilities, and the person must have a concealed carry permit and undergo a background check.  Also, the authorized workers must keep their weapons on them - not in bags, purses or in a concealed area.  

With all this stated, I want each of you to know I will not make a recommendation to our board members for consideration of any individual other than a trained law enforcement officer have the ability and clearance to carry a weapon while on any of our school campuses, district office or technology & transportation building."

The Carrollton City School board decided months ago that should the legislation become law, they would not designate or equip any employee.
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