Haralson County Sheriff Eddie Mixon Issues Scam Alert

Buchanan- Haralson County Sheriff Eddie Mixon says his office has learned that thieves are impersonating either him or his Chief Deputy Joel McSwain in an effort to perpetrate a scam.

The thief contacts his target via the telephone and introduces himself as Mixon or McSwain; claiming that a contempt of court warrant has for them because they failed to answer a jury summons.  The con then offers to quietly handle the matter in exchange for a gift card(s).  

According to Sheriff Mixon, "The crook has tried the scam at least twice in one incident an eighty year old women was asked to leave her home and go to a Bremen drug store to purchase the two gift cards one in the amount of $500.00 and the other $300.00 as instructed by the caller.  Fortunately, a quick thinking clerk saw through the scam.  

The second would be victim was a Buchanan man who identified the call as a scam and contacted the Sheriff's Office.

This is the first time that Mixon is aware of that a thief invoking his name in an effort to pull a con,"the person who pulls a crime like this is the lowest of the low.  They are too lazy to do an honest day's work and instead try to take from hard working honest folks often our seniors."  

Sheriff Mixon adds that the technology allows a dishonest person to anonymously reach right into the home of a potential victim makes catching the criminal very difficult.  "Burner phones, bulk calling cards that do not display the number from the location where a call originated and Internet dialing are all tools in the tool box of cons."  

Sheriff Mixon has this caution,"Never take the word of person on the other end of the line especially if the person is purporting to be a government official. The safest course of action is to independently find a telephone number for the agency the caller is claiming to represent and verify the legitimacy of the call."

Anyone who thinks they may have been contacted by a person or person attempting a crime of this nature is urged to contact the Haralson County Sheriff's Office at 770-646-2011.
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