Chairman: Our Focus For This Budget Is Need Vs. Want

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners will hear from county department heads on Saturday, as the county works toward completing a budget for fiscal year 2015.
“What we are trying to do is get down to what we need versus what you want—there is a big difference there,” Carroll County Chairman, Marty Smith told WLBB Radio Thursday. “Until the economy turns around that will be our focus. We’ll bring the department heads in front of the board one last time and then the board will start putting the numbers together.”
Smith says Saturday’s meeting will be the third time that the board meets with the heads of the larger departments (such as Sheriff’s Office, Fire, Parks… ) during this budgeting process.
“The economics have not turned around. Development has not returned to Carroll County—yet,” Smith said. “Our revenue streams are flat—they haven’t started to increase yet so we are still having to watch things close.”
As they are for many businesses, recent health insurance changes are a big consideration in the county’s budget.
“Anybody that works over 29 hours—you have to offer them full benefits. Look at a lot of our summer programs—our Parks, our Recreation. We had young students who want to work all the hours they can and save up money for college the following year,” Smith said. “Well, you no longer can do that unless you offer them benefits and when you start doing that you’ve increased your payroll and my goal is not to grow right now and it’s hard to do that.”
According to the Carroll County charter, the chairman must present a balanced budget to the board by May 1st.
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