Update On Closed Roads:

From Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Agency
Carroll County received 4-6 inches of rain since yesterday, causing its streams and water bodies to overflow. Heaviest rains were in southern Carroll County, and a number of county roads were affected. As of this morning, 38 roads were impacted by the recent rains. In coordinating with the Carroll County School System, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Carroll County Public Works Department have diligently checked each road to determine if water has receded, and if there was any structural damage or persons unable to leave their homes.

Most of the roads have been cleared for vehicular traffic. Carroll County Public Works is continuing to evaluate roads as the water recedes. The following roads are temporarily closed but expected to reopen this evening or tomorrow.

• Oak Grove Church Rd at Nugget Rd., Carrollton
• Old Word Rd., Bowdon
• Antioch Church Rd, south of Tom Fletcher Rd.
• E. Wayside Rd
• Hutcheson Ferry Rd. at Banning Rd., Whitesburg
• Laurel Rd. off Hays Mill Rd.
• Bagwell Rd., Carrollton
• Wiley Wilson Rd., Carrollton
• Attaway Rd., Bowdon

A few roads suffered structural damage and are indefinitely closed until repairs are completed. These include:

• Davenport Mill Rd. at Caldwell Rd.
• Barnes Mill Rd., Bowdon
• Whooping Creek Rd., Carrollton
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