Residents Ask For Improvements To Animal Control; Commissioner Offers Proposal

Carroll County's District-Four Commissioner John Wilson is proposing a plan that he says should help with some concerns that have been voiced recently about the county's animal control department.

Wilson's plan follows this month's Carroll County Board of Commissioners meeting in which a Carroll County woman urged more training for animal control and a more "humanistic approach." She described having much difficulty with communications during and days after an incident in which her horses were attacked by a pit bull.

Speaking about the same incident, Carroll County resident Jeff Embry told commissioners "that afternoon that we got attacked, we were put in harm's way because of lack of action."

"We've had a lot of people over the last few years that have had trouble with animal control; saying they didn't show up on time... or two hours, or four hours after they were called, getting to the scene," Commissioner Wilson told WLBB Radio Sunday. "The way it works now, if you need animal control, you have to call the animal control office. What I'm proposing is that all of the calls go through 911. If callers say they called at a certain time, we can refer to 911 records to see that it was dispatched. It's a way to keep up with what is going on. The way it is now, It's just one guy's word against another guy's word."

Wilson says the recent approval of six new 911 employees would ease the burden of any added work brought in because of his proposal.
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