Georgia Carry Rates Local Delegates; Updates On Lawsuit Vs City

With Georgia legislators approving a new gun bill last week, Georgia Carry co-founder James Camp rated our local delegates’ efforts in defending second amendment rights, when he was the guest on Friday’s WLBB ‘Community Voice.’
“Our local legislators, Dusty (Hightower), Kevin (Cooke), Randy (Nix), Lynn (Smith)—on the House side have just been fantastic. They helped usher this bill through,” Camp said. “Our State Senators, Mike Crane and Mike Dugan… helped pass the bill when it was up for a vote. Bill Heath was actually in ‘the well’ speaking in favor of HB60 and he did a phenomenal job standing up to the anti-gun politicians.”
Camp also gave an update to his organization’s almost year-old lawsuit filed against the city of Carrollton for the perceived prohibition of firearms on the Carrollton Greenbelt.
“The case was originally assigned to Judge Bill Hamrick. Hamrick recused himself because he had previously worked on SB308 (The Common Sense Lawful Carry Act, when Hamrick was a State Senator) back in 2010, so the case got moved to Judge Simpson,” Camp said. “An interesting thing to note, Georgia Carry sued Coweta County back in 2008 because they had a similar prohibition in their parks, and Judge Simpson ruled in that case. He initially ruled against Georgia Carry so we took it to the Appeals Court and they overturned Judge Simpson’s initial ruling.”
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