BOE Member Challenges Outsourced Janitorial-Work Contract

Only one Carroll County school board member voted against the school system extending its contract with outsourced cleaning company, Southern Management on Monday.
Carroll County School officials expect to save close to one-million dollars in the current budget by outsourcing custodial services and now expect the savings to continue into the 2014-15 school year, as well.
But saving money should not be the only consideration, board member Bart Cater said following his vote against the contract this week.
“The board I think is taking the right approach to find ways to balance our budget and save money but I think on this issue they are losing sight of the bigger picture—that it’s not just the money, it’s also about providing a safe and clean environment for our children to learn in,” Cater told WLBB Radio this week. “At some point we have to address whether or not our contractor is performing the way we want them to regardless the amount of money they are saving us.”
Cater says he has concerns regarding the quality of the work being performed after a teacher e-mailed him pictures of “a pile of dirt, old food, and hair, etc” that the educator had collected in a classroom.
Cater said classrooms should not have to be cleaned by our teachers.
“They already have enough to do,” he said.
Following Monday's vote, Carroll County BOE Chairman Jon Anderson said that some buildings probably do have classrooms that are "not as clean as they were in the past" while "others are cleaner than they had been in the past."
“With this new contract, it has normalized the schools so they are equally clean,” Anderson said. “Before, we had some schools that were incredibly clean and some were incredibly dirty.  The normalization makes it so everyone has an equal playing field.”
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