County Honors Girl Rescued From Well; And Her Heroes

The 7-year-old Newnan girl who is recovering after a 50-foot drop into a well in Carroll County back on December 30th; and the Carroll County rescue crews that helped bring her to safety were honored Tuesday night at the Carroll County Board of Commissioners meeting.
Mother of Megan Winters, Melissa said it was great to see all of those involved in her daughter’s rescue.
“The day of the accident, you really don’t take in your surroundings. I was totally focused on my daughter so I didn’t even recognize the fire fighters or the officers when we saw them again tonight,” Winters explained to WLBB Radio late Tuesday. “So it’s amazing for me to be able to actually meet them, hug them, cry with them and tell them how much we appreciate them—the 911 dispatcher, the responders, the sheriff’s department… the firefighters that used the pulley system to pull them out; and of course her hero— whom she calls “Captain” Clay (Lt. Clay Kierbow). He actually went down into the well to get her out.”
Megan was presented with a proclamation by Carroll County Fire Chief Scott Blue “for her courage and bravery.”
Megan told us last night that doctors have just cleared her to put weight on her right leg, which was broken during the fall.
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