Public Health reminds pet owners to vaccinate pets against rabies

Buchanan, GA :  A local raccoon testing positive for rabies necessitated the recent euthanization of two unvaccinated dogs and an unvaccinated cat and has Haralson County Health Department Environmental Health Manager, Melissa Sherman and Brad Richards of Haralson County Animal Control reminding Haralson County pet owners to “get your pets vaccinated against rabies.”
 Rabies is always circulating in our wild animal population, and getting your pet vaccinated against rabies is the single best way to protect your pet from rabies.  It’s important to do it for their protection, for our protection and because it’s state law.  So get your dog or cat vaccinated.
 Your pets and other domestic animals can be infected when they are bitten by rabid wild animals. When "spillover" rabies occurs in domestic animals, the risk to humans is increased.  We require pets to be vaccinated against rabies to prevent them from acquiring the disease from wildlife and possibly transmitting it to you. The rabies vaccination protects you, too.
People with pets should:
·    visit your veterinarian with your pet on a regular basis and keep rabies vaccinations up-to-date for all cats, ferrets, and dogs,
 ·   maintain control of your pets by keeping cats and ferrets indoors and keeping dogs under direct supervision,
 ·    spay or neuter your pets to help reduce the number of unwanted pets that may not be properly cared for or vaccinated regularly and
 ·    call animal control to remove all stray animals from your neighborhood since these animals may be unvaccinated or ill.
For additional information about rabies, visit http://www.cdc.gov/rabies
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