Should Cities Get To Vote On Unincorporated County Alcohol Ordinance?

Convenience store and restaurant owners in unincorporated Carroll County will likely have to wait until November for voters to decide whether or not a new alcohol ordinance could allow for Sunday sales or the sale of liquor, Carroll County’s District 5 commissioner Kevin Jackson speculated on Friday’s WLBB Community Voice.
Jackson says its fair to put the question on the ballot for voters but he does think it’s a question that should only be asked of voters outside municipalities.
“The city decided they wanted to have those quality of life issues… they wanted those in their community. Well the county residents did not vote on that,” Jackson said. “And I think that it’s only fair that we decide this issue in unincorporated Carroll County, because I know that the three big cities have already passed it by overwhelming majority. I don’t know that you’re really going to see the communities that this could impact… I don’t know if you are going to really see them make the decision because the cities will skew that vote.”
Jackson is asking local representatives and senators to review state law and see if the question can be directed at only residents outside municipalities.
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