Bremen Man Credited With Pulling Elderly From Car Fire

A Bremen man risks his own life to pull an elderly man from a burning car outside a Highway 78 gas-station while several other witnesses look on.
“I’d got of work a little early to do some business at the bank,” Ronnie King told WLBB Radio Monday. “Driving near Wal-Mart and I saw the car on fire… a guy in the passenger seat that couldn’t help himself out—and I did what I could.”
What King did was pull the man from the burning vehicle and help him into his wheel chair.
King says he believes it was divine intervention that he left work early that day and happened to be in that very spot at that very moment.
“(When I arrived) The parking lot was actually full—twelve or thirteen cars there and someone yelled ‘back away, it’s going to blow,” he explained. “One (other person did) actually grab a fire extinguisher with the gentleman who was driving the car… because he was kind of panicked, didn’t know what to do.”
King picked the passenger up, put him in the wheel chair and got him out, he said.
King said, “It was a real bad situation—because no one seemed to want to help because something could have happened and they could have got hurt real bad.”
King admits he was shaking and anxious for hours after the event but says he would do it again if he saw a chance to help someone out who was unable to help them self.
Bremen Fire & Rescue did respond to the scene.

Fire Chief Jason Hurley says he’s not likely to encourage a civilian to put him or herself in a life-threatening situation and get involved in that sort of heroics; but it’s not like you would tell someone not to rescue another either.
“Obviously we get paid to handle that type of emergency—We’re equipped and have the proper protection.” The Chief said. “That being said, sometimes people do extraordinary things and make all the difference in the world. I can’t say we necessarily condone it… but it’s hard to say we don’t condone it, either.”
Hurley says he believes the rescued man did not need or seek any immediate medical treatment.
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