Schools Review Decision To Outsource Janitorial Duties

About ¾ of Carroll County Schools’ principals say they either “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the work of outsourced cleaning service Southern Management on their particular schools.
The Carroll County school board voted to reduce some spending by outsourcing all custodial positions during the 2013-2014 school year, to counteract increased expenditures-- a move they estimated at the time would save the system about 1-million dollars.
 Schools’ Chief Financial Officer James Fulford discussed this week the possibility of agreeing to another one-year contract with the cleaning service.
“Consider supplies, chemicals—all the insurance benefits… unseen items directly affected by payroll,” Fulford told WLBB Radio this week. ”It’s been a positive impact financially.”
The mid-year Southern Management Principals’ Satisfaction Survey showed two principals felt “neutral” towards the work.
Four were “somewhat dis-satisfied” and one said they were “dis-satisfied.”
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