Temps Today Expected To Stay Below Freezing; EMA Says Stay Home

West Georgians are waiting for the thaw—and hopeful that our snow and ice covered roads can clear today. Problem is, we may not see temperatures make it above the freezing mark until Thursday.
“We’re going to struggle with it all day,” Carroll County EMA Director Tim Padgett told WLBB Radio early Wednesday. “I would encourage people just to stay home. Do not get out unless you have too.”
Yesterday was no picnic for drivers in the area. We heard numerous reports of it taking five, six and even ten hours for residents to make it home from their jobs in Atlanta. For some residents working in Carrollton… and living in Carrollton—it was taking up to 2 hours to make the trip.
A lot of the traffic delays were created by minor accidents--cars and trucks blocking the roads. Padgett says Carroll County’s 911 received nearly 500 calls for assistance in a three-hour period, shortly after the snow began to fall.
“In the operation period from noon until midnight, we had over 900 calls into 911 for assistance,” he said. “Normally, our 911 on average receives about 650 calls over a 24-hour period.”
Many drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles Tuesday. They were left on I-20; and state and county roads. Padgett says it’s best to wait on trying to retrieve those.
“Yes, I would encourage anyone who has a vehicle off the roadway to just leave it until this stuff clears up,” he said. “Also, the public can tell that we have ‘checked’ a particular vehicle by green-flagging tape on it—maybe on the antennae. That’s how we let other public safety know that it’s been checked. Also, people may see the car off the road and call 911 and say it’s there—but please note if it has been tagged with tape.”
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