MLK Parade In Carrollton Today; Local NAACP Pres. Says Know Your History To Understand The Present

The 18th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. /Black History Parade is in downtown Carrollton this morning. The parade starts at 11:00.
50-years after king delivered his “I Have A Dream Speech” on a hot summer day in Washington D.C., the theme for today’s parade is “ I Have A Dream… A Salute To Black Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Inventors.
On Friday’s WLBB ‘Community Voice,’ Carroll County’s NAACP branch President, James Stocks reflected on the significance of that speech.
“In so many instances, when history is being made, most of the time the participants are not aware of the significance of that moment in time,” Stocks said. “When you look back and think about how it has stood the test of time over decades and decades… it’s so significant, that’s why it’s still in the history books today.”
Carroll County’s branch of the NAACP is among the top ten largest in the state of Georgia with over 150 members according to Stocks.
“When you look at what (The NAACP) is doing today and how it ties in to what Dr. King did when he was alive… Dr. King was about civil rights; he was about helping everybody… we’ve done a good job trying top continue that legacy,” Stocks said. “You need to know your history. When you know your history, you can start to better understand the present. Yes, ‘that’s’ what happened back in the day, but we still have battles today that need to be fought. Though they are not as blatant as in the fifties and sixties.”
Our ‘Community Voice’ interview with Stocks and other members of the local NAACP chapter is posted on our website.
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