Busted Pipes Flood Local Recreation Center

The City of Villa Rica’s next water bill will suggest they used a lot of extra water this week, after a pipe burst at Gold Dust Park Tuesday and flooded the city’s recreation center.
“Tuesday about 3:45 we were sitting in the office and everyone started running toward the gymnastics room,” Villa Rica’s Deputy City Manager said Wednesday. “They told me about ‘a leak.’ What we thought was a small leak turned into the wall busting and flooding much of the recreation center.”
Reese estimated the Rec. Center received about $25,000 to $30,000 worth of damage. Most of that will be covered by insurance, he says.
“Like a lot of people in the Atlanta-Metropolitan area, we were the victims of frozen pipes,” Reese explained. “The sprinkler system had frozen and then when things got a little above freezing inside the building, the 3-inch pipe broke and flooded most of the recreation building. We did get most of the place cleaned up and (Wednesday) we are in the process of getting the sprinkler system put back in and assessing how much damage we have and getting things back in place.”
Reese says all gymnastics classes are cancelled until next Tuesday.
Basketball games scheduled for this evening will go on as planned.
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