Georgia Pet Rescue Big Help For Local Shelter

2013 was the second year in a row that the Carroll County Animal Shelter arranged for more than 1,100 pet-adoptions.
“One of the reasons for that success is that we have worked so hard in getting Georgia Rescues to come and start pulling from us,” Shelter Manager Lisa Barrett said Thursday. “We had 616 rescues this year and just less than 400 the year before.”
Barrett says euthanizations have dropped significantly in the past two years; but her goal remains to operate a no-kill shelter.
“From 2011 to 2012, we went down almost 60-percent. Then from 2012 to 2013 we have gone down 78-percent,” she said. “We owe the drop in part to the rescues… and getting the word out to the owners that the first place they should check when they are missing an animal is here at the shelter. Because when people see a stray, they will call animal control to pick up or they will bring it by themselves.”
 Barrett says the number of lost animals returned to their owners rose by 44 in the past year.
While 1,100 animals does seem like a good number to have found homes in each of the last two years, Barrett admits that the shelter is not the first choice for some folk looking for a pet.
“They think that most of our animals are ‘Heinz-57’s’… and a majority of them are mixes but we have so many full-bloods that come in as well. You never know from day to day what we do have,” she says. “From the time they get here, they get their first parvo-distemper shot. From there they get wormed, de-flea’d. Depending on if they are adoption candidates or rescue candidates, then we go from fully vetting to spade and neutering to micro-chipping.”
The Carroll County Animal Shelter is located at 251 Automation Drive in Carrollton.
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