12-Year Old Escapes Attempted Kidnapping

The mother of a 12-year old Carrollton-girl tells police that an unknown man attempted to kidnap her daughter over the weekend.
According to the police report, the man (described as a black man in his 40’s; bald with a short dark-colored beard) approached the young girl in a small burgundy or dark red SUV, outside the Lakeview Apartments on Saturday.
Initially the suspect is alleged to have made personal inquiries to the girl and telling her she was “cute.” He then allegedly exited the SUV, grabbed her arm and attempted to bring her inside his vehicle. The girl reportedly elbowed the man and then escaped.
One potential witness has come forward, claiming the suspect’s first name is “Carlos” but police are not positive on that ID.
Anyone with additional information should call the Carrollton Police Department.
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