Local Murder Case Cited In "Stand Your Ground" Lawsuit

The family of a man convicted of murder in Carroll County earlier this year, is listed among the plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed-- aimed at getting Georgia’s “stand your ground law” thrown out.
21-year old Herman Smith was sentenced to life in prison for killing Cardarius Stegall at a birthday party near Bowdon last November.
According to testimony, Stegall had threatened to shoot several people, and he eventually strode toward Smith and another man—when Smith shot him.
Smith argued self-defense at his trial but was convicted of murder this past august.
Smith’s family believes that he legally stood his ground after reasonably fearing for his life
The suit filed Friday asks the federal courts to find Georgia’s law unconstitutional because it is too broad and vague. The lawsuit claims that Georgia’s law does not define what actions, circumstances or conditions would constitute a ‘reasonable’ fear needed to trigger the use of deadly force.
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