Carroll County To Decide On Pursuing Judicial District Split By Spring 2014

The Carroll County Board Of Commissioners is looking toward next spring to decide whether or not they will request that the state of Georgia perform a study into whether or not the Coweta Judicial Circuit warrants a split.
County Chairman Marty Smith says commissioners and Coweta District judges will meet several times before then to discuss the possibility of moving forward:
“We’ve formed a committee and several of them are meeting every few weeks to discuss the pros/cons of what it would take to go through this process,” Smith said this week. “You don’t want to fill out all the paperwork if you know its going to be rejected from day one. We need to be prepared and we feel by opening our lines of communication that we’d be more prepared come Spring to decide whether we believe the study is needed here or not.”
The state department that would conduct the study does not review requests like this until early summer, Smith says.
He says the local-committee has several factors to consider before requesting the review—including, how the state is responding to other districts requesting a split.
“(Our interest in having this review stems from) some courts in the district reporting an overload of cases… they need more money,” Smith said. “But if the state cannot fund it, why are we going to ask for it if we already know we are going to be told ‘no.’. We are trying to get on the same page here for when we approach them… because there are other counties (in other districts) where the judges and the board are in agreement that a split needs to happen and the state hasn’t approved those. So, if the state doesn’t have the funds to begin with, we could be barking up the wrong tree right now.”
Coweta Circuit District Attorney Pete Skandalakis and Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley have publicly stated that they think a split of the district is needed.
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