Council Candidate's Qualification Challenged-- Again.

A city council candidate’s residency is again being questioned in this latest challenge to his candidacy.
The Carroll County Board of Elections shot down the initial challenge to the candidacy of Wes Phillips back on September 6th, after Carrollton resident William Dees argued that Phillips’ did not live at the address he provided for qualifying in late August. The Board found that Phillips had lived at the residence provided and has lived within the city of Carrollton for more than one year—which is required by the city charter when seeking municipal office.
Last week, Carrollton resident Phillip E. Kaufman filed a second challenge: about one-hour and a half before the time limit for challenges had run out.
On a yellow piece of notebook paper, Kaufman hand-wrote:
“I believe Wes Phillips is not qualified to seek and hold the office of Carrollton City Councilman for Ward 2, because
(1)   He has not resided in the City of Carrollton for one year preceding the election; and
(2)   He doesn’t reside in Ward 2 of the City of Carrollton
Philips contends that he does live at 119 Lake Pointe Drive in Carrollton; was living at the address at the time he qualified; and has been a resident of Carrollton for close to 50 years.
The Carroll County Board of Elections will consider this argument at a called meeting Friday September 20th at 10:30 am in the Elections Supervisor’s Office located in the Carroll County Administration Building, on the first floor, 423 College Street, Carrollton, GA 30117.
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