Commissioner Challenging Carrollton Precinct Consolidations

Carroll County’s District-One Commissioner Trent North says he is concerned with last week’s decision to consolidate some of the city of Carrollton’s voting precincts.
“I have an issue with closing the (polling place) in West Carrollton. Specifically—after we just passed legislation to keep a (polling place) open in the affluent part of Carroll County (Fairfield),” North said Thursday. “So on one hand—in the affluent part we pass legislation to keep it open but those who have the least… we’re going to make them have to travel even further. That’s not good policy.”
We reported earlier this week that changes include combining the West Carrollton precinct with portions of the County Admin building precinct. Voters in those areas will use the County Admin building. Portions of the East Carrollton Rec. precinct will be combined with the Bonner precinct. Residents of those areas will now vote at the county recreation building on Newnan Road; and The University Of West Georgia precinct will be combined with the Tabernacle Church precinct and vote at the Tabernacle Church in Carrollton.
Carroll County’s Supervisor Of Elections & Registration, Leslie Robinson says Carrollton’s six-precincts were consolidated into three precincts in an effort to reduce the cost to tax payers by reducing ballot printing, election supplies, poll workers and other election expenses as well as to reduce voter confusion on election day by having more centrally located polling places.
North says financial reasons are not enough to make this kind of change.
“First of all, we’re talking about a small amount of money. I understand the importance of being a good steward of tax payers dollars—but the community voting is important,” He said. “For some, in order to go and vote, you have to be comfortable with your setting. The Carrollton community is the county's largest voting block. To reduce it down to three precincts—I can’t fathom how that’s going to help with the motivation to get people to go and vote.”
North says he intends to look for an alternative to the consolidations.
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