Second Stolen Wolf Recovered; Abandoned In Ditch

An anonymous tip leads police to the location of the second painted-fiberglass-wolf, stolen from its public display in Carrollton over the last two weeks.
The one taken early Sunday had been keeping guard outside The Amp.
At this time, police do not believe the thieves are from Carrollton or the university; and they can’t say for sure if the thieves were even aware of the initial wolf theft 10-days ago.
Captain Chris Dobbs with Carrollton Police:
 “An anonymous tip came in. It said there was a location at University Lofts where they believed the suspects had carried the wolf. We went to the location. It was no longer there but these individuals knew about it. They were not involved but someone had brought it by. We were able to get to the wolf… down 16 across from the River Bridge at Riverside Park. We located it in a ditch.”
Dobbs describes the recovered wolf as being in “pretty good shape”—unlike the first, which was recovered in numerous broken pieces.

The city will now begin work to determine how, and if, the wolf can be re-installed at The Amp location.

Its one of nine installed on the University Of West Georgia campus or in the city of Carrollton last October.
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Location : CarrolltonWest Georgia