Police "Taking Very Seriously" Theft Of 2nd Painted Wolf

A second of the painted artwork fiberglass wolves placed throughout Carrollton was stolen from its concrete base over the weekend.

This one was located near the first —just outside The Amp. Both were snapped off at the ankles from their displays.
“We are taking this serious,” Captain Police Captain Chris Dobbs said Sunday. “This crime can be a felony.”

Nine of the painted wolves were placed throughout the city of Carrollton last October as part of the University Of West Georgia’s Howl For UWG project to benefit scholarship aid.

“More than likely, whoever is doing this thinks it’s a prank. Like it’s fun and games. But, we are taking it serious and they can get jail time for this,” Dobbs said. “These wolves cost a lot of people a lot of money… they may have ruined someone’s hard work…and we will ask for restitution.”

“The school themselves—and I’m not speaking for them, but they could take some sort of action… it was a student who took it,” he continued. “We just want everybody to know that – this isn’t funny.”

Police say a UWG student has taken blame for destroying the first wolf. Investigators say he has agreed to pay full restitution.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of the second wolf is encouraged to call the Carrollton Police Department.
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