Young Father, Shot, Killed; Infant Daughter In His Arms

A young father dies after being shot in the chest early Sunday in a home in Carrollton. The bullet missed his 3-month old child he was holding, by just inches.
Police say the incident appears to be accidental but they continue to investigate.
The 24-year old shooter— the victim’s brother— was reportedly in possession of a small-caliber handgun, when it fired. The bullet went through his own hand and struck the 22-year old victim in the chest.
Carrollton Police Investigator Blake Hitchcock says first responders were called to the home on Adamson Avenue just before 8:30 Sunday morning.
“The shooter’s statement was that he thought he had taken the clip out— didn’t think there was a bullet in there,” Hitchcock told WLBB Radio. “He was trying to take the slide off. The hammer was back, and it went forward and the gun fired. The bullet went through his hand and into his brother’s chest-area.”
Hitchcock says the infant’s mother rushed over to grab her child, following the shot. The infant was uninjured.
He says the family of the two young men has been fully cooperative in the investigation.
“At this point, evidence is pointing at this being a freak accident. However we are still waiting for additional information and results,” he said. “You can still have an accident as far as a shooting and it still be considered a crime. We will continue looking at everything before we make a decision as far as any charges.”
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