Westmoreland: High Temperatures, High Energy Prices

Summer has arrived in Georgia, school’s out, and it’s time for vacations; however, the rising temperature goes hand in hand with rising gas prices. The national average price for gas is $3.67, and in some parts of the country, people are paying over $4 per gallon. Driving your family to the lake or the beach, or even to work every morning, becomes less enjoyable when you watch your already struggling paycheck disappear at the pump.


House Republicans feel your pain. At the end of June, the House passed a series of energy bills designed to relieve some of the pressure at the pump, as well as the cost of cooling your house this summer. With the conflicts in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East, we need to focus on getting America energy independent with all-of-the-above solutions. That means tapping into our natural gas and oil reserves on public lands, approving the Keystone Pipeline XL, and reducing EPA regulations on our energy and coal-fire plants.


While the House is dedicated to lowering your energy costs, it seems as if the President and Senate Democrats are doing just the opposite. President Obama’s national energy tax will place an unnecessary burden on our nation’s power plants, including some in Georgia. He is holding public lands both on and offshore hostage by not approving drilling permits, leaving large deposits of oil and natural gas untouched. The president’s energy policies put a strain on power plants and energy companies, resulting in increasing prices and fees that devastate the wallets of American families.


It’s time we start working towards efficient and affordable energy solutions and away from foreign dependency. House Republicans remain committed to those solutions for all Americans so you can spend less money on gas, and more on enjoying summer.


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