Villa Rica To Write Off Water and Sewer Debt

Villa Rica Ga -- The City of Villa Rica will likely have to write off close to $100,000 worth of uncollectible revenue from water and sewer customers dating from 2015 to 2017.

The city's Chief Financial Officer, Sarah Hefty, said the collections department has made attempts over the years. Those attempts are usually not fruitful, "The only hold that they have over these people is to put it on their credit report. We're talking about renters mostly. Although we do try to collect through a collection agency, we usually just get a drop in the bucket when it comes back to returns."
Hefty said during the last two years, her office set up an estimated liability knowing that they would have to write off balances. The liability is about $76,000. This means the impact on the books will now be north of $20,000. She said there are 613 delinquent accounts from that three year period.
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Location : Villa Rica
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